Csuper 4.4.0 has been released.

Version information

This is more or less the same version as 4.3.2 but this one is considered as stable.


All the informations are one the Download page.

New elements


New visible elements:

  • Add the number of turn per distributor in the games configurations
  • Change menu design
  • The possibility to delete the window decoration of the operating system (mostly useful with Gnome but can also be used in other desktop environments)
  • The calculator is now embedded in the new point area
  • The names of the players are always on the top of the points view
  • The possibility to edit or import the game configuration used in the currently opened game
  • Update chart library
  • Add export to Markdown
  • Merge statistics and chart windows

Under the hood

New invisible elements:

  • Re-write of the whole software in C++ to have a cleaner code and have less bugs
  • Improve preferences
  • Improve export functions
  • Improve XML handling
  • Add logs

HTML version

Csuper can now be launched in an internet browser.

You can access it using any device in your local network like a tablet.

Be careful to use it only in trusted networks because it gives anyone on your network access to a part of your computer.

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