For what kind of game Csuper is useful?

Theoretically it can be used for every game where we have to counts points (or everything else) thanks to the game configuration.
This software has no game configuration at the installation. It’s the player who create his own game configuration because I can’t create a non exhaustive list of all games. Furthermore rules change according to the places, the persons…
But if you need a option for a specific game that is not in Csuper, let me know and I can add it in a next release.

This software looks good, but a mobile version shouldn’t be better?

I totally agree with you. Only I started to create the project as a personal exercise during my studies, and the course was "Language C" which was more suitable on PC.
Now I also work in C/C++ so I still prefer using these languages.

I started to make an android version but I stopped very quickly because I don't have the desire or the time.
However, if one of you wants to continue or create another version, you are welcome :).

Finally, an HTML version exists (this is the classic version displayed through a web interface).
It is far from perfect, but it works on tablet.