Cooking recipes


This is a recipe software. It is design to store classical recipe on a computer.


I created it in a student project and I don’t want to continue it after.
But the program work and I will probably create another recipe software in some time which can import the data of this software. And of course if someone found a bug, I will fixed it.


The main functionnalities are:

  • Save recipe with grade, ingredients, ustensiles… in a file with java serialization
  • Export it to HTML, PDF, Markdown, JSON and XML
  • Has a view and edit screen


You can download the all in one jar file . You only need to double click on the file to lauch it (need java).
You can check the file with its PGP signature or its sha512 checksum.

The software is also available on AUR.

Source code

The source code is available here.


Edit screen

Display screen