To compile csuper you need a C++14 compliant compiler and the following libraries:

  • libxml++ ≥ 2.6
  • glibmm
  • giomm
  • muparser
  • PoDoFo
  • cairo
  • gettext
  • cmake
  • ncurses (for the CLI Unix version)
  • gtkmm3 ≥ 3.18 (for the GTK version)

If you are under Windows, you can use MSYS2 to get all the libraries.
Then use:

git clone --recursive https://git.framasoft.org/Dalan94/Csuper.git
cd Csuper
cmake .

The followings arguments can be use with cmake:

-DLIB=FALSE             # To not compile libcsuper
-DCLI=FALSE             # To not compile csuper-cli
-DGTK=FALSE             # To not compile csuper-gtk
-DPORTABLE=TRUE         # To compile csuper as portable app
-DLIBXMLPP=3.0          # To compile with the 3.0 version of libxml++
-DALL_UPDATES=FALSE     # To not launch the update script which need pandoc, clang-format and gettext utilities

There are codeblocks or codelite project to managed the sources if you want but please use cmake first to configure the sources.
If you are under Linux you can run the softwares with the scripts run-csuper-cli.sh and run-csuper-gtk.sh. On Windows just use the csuper-cli.exe and csuper-gtk.exe
The software can also be run on a web browser through broadway using the run-csuper-html.sh and csuper-html.bat script.

You can use the utility.sh script to:

  • Updates the man pages
  • Update and compile the translation
  • Format the code
  • Generate the documentation
  • Install and uninstall

Launch it without arguments to see how to use it.

The compilation should work under Linux, Mac et Windows.